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Пылесосы Dyson — это превосходный образец английского качества в производстве бытовой техники. Устройства оснащены прочным и эстетически привлекательным прозрачным корпусом. Агрегаты Dyson — это компактные, эргономичные и удобные в использовании устройства. Воздух выходит из них без запаха, а также пыли, что является гарантией отличного микроклимата в помещении.

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Which dyson vacuum for pets

For quick jobs in small spaces or for anyone who lives in a small space in general, three folks we talked to suggested handheld vacuums though each recommended a different model. Brownridge loves this cordless, handheld Shark vacuum, which she uses to tidy the dog-friendly Brooklyn co-working space her company shares with other tech startups. The brush-free vacuum comes with two attachments and is also great for spot-cleaning on road trips.

Plus, it can be used to vacuum your car, if you have a garage to plug the cord extension cord most likely required. If you have a tiny apartment, this cordless handheld vacuum is designed to deep clean both dry messes like pet hair and wet messes like pet accidents or coffee spills. Pet groomers see a lot of hair every day. The Canine Styles dog-grooming salon on the Upper East Side relies on this corded upright vacuum, which has a 1. The vacuum picks up wet fur without tangling, due to something called Zero-M technology, which claims to actively remove hair from the brush while it is in use.

This one also easily transforms into a shorter, portable vacuum. Three of our experts recommend the cordless V11 Animal — which, at just under seven pounds, is roughly ten pounds lighter than the pound, corded Ball Animal 2 — for its effectiveness and ease, and a couple noted that its nylon bristles are especially good for getting grime out of carpet. Fadden adds that she alternates between the five head attachments when she vacuums her home, which makes moving from hard floors to rugs to upholstered couches easy.

This is also the go-to vacuum at Bond Vet, a start-up veterinary clinic. The staff is constantly grabbing the vacuum from its charging station for quick cleanups, which is perfect because a fully charged battery lasts about one hour. Though this is a slightly older — and cheaper — version than the above cordless V11 Animal, Stacie Grissom, the director of content at dog-toy company Bark, likes it just the same. Another Dyson favorite is this older cordless V8 Animal, which weighs slightly less than the V10 Animal and has a battery that, when fully charged, lasts 40 minutes.

Though a fully charged battery only lasts 30 minutes, Arden claims that it only takes three minutes to vacuum up the square-foot training facility. In addition to using the V8 Animal, Morris told us he uses this corded canister vacuum to clean the fur that his two French bulldogs leave behind on his upholstered furniture and rugs. While technically not a vacuum, this wet gadget works wonders at cleaning pet messes fabric of any sort, according to Justin Renard, the VP of growth and marketing at cat-food start-up Smalls and a dad to one longhaired cat.

Unlike traditional steam cleaners, this stain-removing machine is compact and stout and can be stored in a small cabinet or closet. It also has a mini motorized tool, combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft brush, and a stubborn dirt brush. A handy docking station makes storage and battery charging as convenient as it gets. Full machine filtration removes particles down to 0. The dust cup holds a mighty 0. Setting out to improve the existing Dyson pet vacuums, was never going to be easy.

Though there can be no denying, that the Dyson V11 Animal is a magnificent machine. This Dyson vacuum cleaner came in 6th in the Consumer Reports buying guide. It received an overall score of 65, better than the Cinetic Big Ball Animal plus Allergy model due its lower price for similar performance on noise, dander and handling. The downside is that this model does worse with pet hair than some of the other Dyson vacuums. The Dyson Cinetic vacuum is very quiet given its size.

It has very good suction and does a decent job pulling up pet hair. It is not recommended for cleaning up after dogs with very long hair, since that can get wound around the brush assembly. The vacuum does provide enough room to reach around the brush roll and untangle it. This vacuum is highly maneuverable thanks to the big ball and the design that weighs several pounds less than several other Dyson models.

The head has a square profile to let you clean up against the wall. You do have to use a hose to get that final gap between the baseboards and the carpet. It handles irregular carpet and small rugs without any problem. This Dyson pet hair vacuum cleaner is a good choice if you need a unit easy to handle despite limited upper body strength and hand strength or a variety of flooring types.

The cinetic design also creates the same internal cyclone that helps it maintain suction as it fills up but clearing dust from the side of the bins in the process. The on-off switch for the vacuum is not located on the handle where it is most convenient to access. It has a very long cord. If you want to minimize your trips to the trash to empty the dirt bin while cleaning up pet hair, this is the right Dyson vacuum cleaner for you.

The Dyson V10 Animal falls in the middle of the three V10 models. The Dyson V10 range uses the latest technology and is the top cordless stick vacuum range to come from this manufacturer. Like all the Dyson V10 options, the Animal makes use of their advanced digital motor and cyclone suction system. This provides superior cleaning power whilst reducing the amount of power that is drained from the battery.

It has a run-time of up to 1-hour, which will be reduced if using the full power and motorized head. It has three power settings and a trigger switch which all helps to maximize the battery run time. It has a wall-mounted docking station and will recharge the battery in 3. The Dyson V10 Animal measures The design is elegant and practical with a large dust cup which will take in 0. The latch for emptying the dust cup has been improved upon and allows for very hygienic and easy dust-free emptying.

The high-grade filters are HEPA rated, removing These filters are washable and can, therefore be reused repeatedly. The torque-drive cleaning head with a bristle roller brush is able to remove any debris, including pet hair, from high pile carpets as well as any other type of flooring.

The Dyson V10 Animal also includes a combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, and the mini motorized tool. It also converts into a handheld vacuum. The Dyson V8 is a cord free, battery powered model. You pay more for this handheld Dyson vacuum than you would the V8 because of the much longer battery life. The V8 lasts up to 40 minutes in normal use, up to 25 minutes if the motorized floor tool is on it and turned on.

It has a bar that lets you run it across the carpet like an upright vacuum or clean drapes and stairs without having to be on your hands and knees. This vacuum lasts up to twenty minutes. If you use h i gh power, it dies within six minutes. One of the weaknesses of Dyson vacuums in particular is that if you have a bad battery or need a part replaced, you have to send it back to them. At six pounds, it weighs somewhat more than the V8.

This handheld pet vacuum weighs only three and a half pounds.


The H-Free is an excellent all-round cleaner for a decent price. Easy to use, and delivering excellent results on different floor types, the cordless Vax Blade 2 Max 40V offers powerful suction and long run-time for a great price. Sebo has built up a loyal fan base for its quirky vacuums, and the Felix Wild ePower is likely to gain it a few more.

The fabulously eccentric design and animal-print bag-wrap decorate a solid old-school corded cleaner that feels like it could withstand a nuclear strike. Its cleaning chops are equally robust. The Felix Wild ePower delivers a super-deep clean on carpets, with all the dust kept inside the cleaner thanks to filtering bags and a separate washable filter assembly. The Eureka MultiForce Pet is an affordable mains-powered, bagless cylinder cleaner that offers decent cleaning power and good-sized bin.

The short cable, noisy motor and plastic build are all forgivable at the price, and if you can see past those foibles the MultiForce Pet cleans well on carpets and takes pet hair in its stride. Its bin is simply huge at two liters, the filters are HEPA-class and washable, and the turbo tool is great for pet beds and stairs. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Dyson V11 Absolute The Absolute best vacuum you can buy.

Specifications Power supply: Cordless. Weight: 3. Bin size: 0. Run-time: Up to 60 minutes. Reasons to avoid - Expensive. Roidmi S1E Style backed up with substance. Weight: 2. Run time: Up to 40 minutes. Reasons to avoid - Suction could be stronger. Hoover H-Lift Great for stairs, tough on pet hair. Specifications Power supply: Corded. Weight: 7kg. Bin size: 1. Cord length: 8m.

Reasons to avoid - Suction not the greatest. Weight: 6. Reasons to avoid - A little heavy. Weight: 3kg. Run time: Up to 75 minutes. Reasons to avoid - Carry mode is fiddly to set up. Hoover H-Free A high-tech option that even counts your calories burned. Total Clean. You will not find this one in every V series range, but when you do it always comes packed with a load of extra accessories for things like mattress cleaning and dusting.

It usually comes with the Fluffy floorhead as well. Both are really good options, and while the upright models tend to be the most popular from Dyson, they each have their own series of advantages. Cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners are now the focal point of the company. Since their decision to stop producing new corded models in , Dyson have spent their time solely focusing on improving and enhancing their cordless tech.

Dyson V11 Absolute. The latest cordless model from Dyson, this particular vacuum cleaner is packed with neat tech and extra features that truly set it apart from the crowd. Boasting a sleek design and superb cleaning power, it makes the perfect addition to any home. Dyson V10 Absolute. The V10 was the first Dyson cordless to truly break the mould and start experimenting with new battery technology, in addition to improving both the suction and the battery life. Despite the larger design when compared to previous V series models, it remains quick and easy to handle.

Dyson V8 Animal. The V8 gave us the first glimpse at the second generation of V series vacuum cleaners. Dyson V6 Total Clean. The V6 was the very first Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, and while there have been several new models since, it remains an excellent choice for those who want to keep their hard floors pristine.

Designed for perfection, watch as this vacuum collects all the grime in sight and out. Dyson V7 Animal. The V7 series actually came after the V8, and it remains an affordable yet powerful alternative to its predecessor. The Dyson upright is an excellent choice, and certainly one of the finest forms of vacuum that Dyson ever produced. While they are no longer manufacturing or designing new corded models, their available lineup of upright machines is certainly worth investing in.

Dyson Small Ball Allergy. One of the newer upright models to be released before Dyson ceased their manufacture, the Small Ball is the perfect option for those who want a powerful upright without the overbearing weight that often comes with them. Dyson Big Ball Animal 2. It performs superbly, and is rated as one of the best upright vacuums around.

Dyson DC The cylinder vacuums from Dyson are good, and they will get your home clean, but this is one market that Dyson does not dominate. The true cylinder leaders are Miele, who boast better machines and a wider range to cater to all tastes. Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder. Perfect for homes with pets, this vacuum cleaner is here to make life a lot easier for you. Its careful design and ability to really clean your carpets means that you are sure to find your home looks better than ever — even after your pets have run over the carpet with muddy paws.

Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor. An older cylinder model, but still one of the most popular, the DC39 has been faithfully serving households for years. Dyson have only released two mainline robot vacuum cleaners. However, each of them has been revolutionary in their design and power. In this section, we present you with the Dyson Eye and Heurist. Dyson Heurist. One of the most advanced machines that Dyson has ever launched, the Heurist packs a load of technology into a little package that will roam freely through your home sucking up all the dirt and grime in sight.

Dyson Eye. Loaded with useful tech to make life easier for you, this little addition to the home takes the stress out of vacuuming so that you can spend time doing more important things. Dyson vacuum cleaners can be really expensive, even when you are looking at the older models.

So, how can you get a great Dyson machine for a budget price? The key is to take a look at the refurbished market. In fact, several retailers have stores there for reconditioned goods, with Dyson being one of them. This allows you to spread out the cost without paying extra so that you can comfortably afford your new vacuum cleaner.

You can also do a trade-in with various retailers where they buy your old Dyson vacuum cleaner and give you money off towards a new one. Of course, Dyson is not the only vacuum cleaner brand out there. Loads of others compete for a space at the top, and they all have excellet qualities that make them an asset to their brand.

How do Dyson compare with these other leading brands? The main competitors here for Dyson are Shark and Bosch. Generally speaking, the Dyson tends to be lighter than the Shark, offering better flexibility and easy handling. The Dyson models also have better running times, but Shark has DuoClean technology — meaning that there is no need to switch between floorheads for different floortypes.

The Bosch cordless range is heavier, and not as pretty, but they match the Dyson cordless running times for the V10, and they also take an hour to recharge as opposed to over three. The Bosch also comes with two batteries for improved running time. They are bagged, which offers more space for grime and are much easier to empty after use.

The main thing here is cleaning power. Both do an excellent job, but the Dyson does perform better with regards to pet hair and deeper cleaning. On the other hand, the Sebo tends to be lighter, although it lacks the smooth Ball technology that Dyson uprights are famous for. The primary competitor here is Miele. The main difference is the fact that Miele vacuum cleaners have a much larger capacity as they are bagged instead of bagless. Additionally, Miele vacuum cleaners are much quieter when running because a lot of the technology used is focused on noise reduction.

Dyson tech is more advanced, but with regards to cleaning power Miele beats a cylinder Dyson the vast majority of the time. Dyson has good cylinder vacuums, but Miele is better. The best Dyson vacuum cleaner? To pick one would be almost impossible, but hopefully you have been able to find the perfect machine for your home. We are very drawn to the cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners. The corded models boast power and great cleaning skills, but the V11 has been able to match these capabilities, providing a deep clean that can remove dirt and hair effortlessly.

The fact that Dyson have decided to focus solely on cordless models is a sign of their superiority, but I would advice keeping your eye on the robot vacuums — the Heurist is very promising.

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